Faces of Sindur Jatra | Bisket at Thimi

Sindur Jatra | Bisket at Thimi

Thimi, the ancient town of Bhaktapur is covered in this orange-tangerine-vermilion color celebrating the spectacular festival of Sindur Jatra. It is a part of the nine-day long celebration of Bisket Jatra which embarks the beginning of New Year and a New Start.

“Sindur jatra” is celebrated according to Vikram era on Nepali New year holds special importance for the local community. Thousands of enthusiastic devotees gather around to welcome the new year by carrying the 32 chariots of the god and goddesses around the town with traditional music, dances and smearing their faces with this vermilion color. This festival literally paints the town orange!

This colorful festival is celebrated annually on Baishak 2 in Thimi, Bhaktapur. So, if you missed it this time be sure to attend it next year.

Have a colorful new year everyone!
Sindur Jatra | Bisket at ThimiSindur Jatra | Bisket at Thimi

Faces of Sindur Jatra | Thimi
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