A little about us.

WE ARE A fun, irreverent, kind creative team that lives and breathes video storytelling. Come and spend some time with us and you’ll realize we are kind of obsessive about our work but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Hours get long on set and we believe in keeping people well fed and in good spirits. That’s a long way of saying we are awesome and people like working with us, mmmkkkay?

Rashik Maharjan

Direction| DOP

Srijana Bhatta

Chief Operating Officer | Senior Cinematographer

Anish Narayan Vaidya

Line Producer | First A.D

Manisha Pudasaini

Content Writer

Manish Maharjan

Drone Operator | Senior Cinematographer

Swrose Magar

Cinematographer | Design | Senior Animator

Rahul Malla Thakuri

Senior Animator | Designer