Photography needs one’s passion. Don’t you believe this statement? We do! And it took us by surprise when we saw the sheer passion and enthusiasm of the people of Nepalgunj, who didn’t even had a DSLR camera. Few months ago, when we visited Nepalgunj a bunch of photography enthusiast came up to meet us and to talk to us about photography. We were very impressed by their curiosity and interest to learn. Even though Nepalgunj is a hustling bustling city, Photography and photographers still hasn’t mushroomed there like in Kathmandu. Few of them have DSLR camera but most of them cannot afford it. So, they opt for their mobile phones. They even organize a weekly photo-walks to learn from each other, find stories of Nepalgunj and promote photography. SPN believes in encouraging everyone who are interested in photography and helping in developing their potential. We strongly stand with the Nepalgunj Photographers to help them fuel their passion. So here we present you the Best of the week from their recent photo-walk themed “connectivity”.

Bishal Rana Magar
Bishal Rana Magar


Mohammad Nihal Akhtar
Pradip Rajbankshi
Bhim Bahadur Sharki

Purna Dhakal

Shailendra Gautam