Seven days has passed and we got you a new set of Best of the week from Nepalese In Photography, a platform for all Nepalese interested in photography. It is the platform where you can share images, get opinions, ask questions and seek feedback.

We are very much glad to be associated with Nepalese In Photography for our upcoming magazine as well, which will release on 1st May, 2017. We will have a dedicated space on our website for “Best of the Week – NIP” and 4 Best shot from each week from NIP will be featured in our Online Magazine.
Here are the best shots from April 3rd week.

Aman Jha

Aman Jha‎


FreeMan Loke

FreeMan Loke‎


Kapell PalKapell Pal‎

Navaraj RautNavaraj Raut‎

Nikesh Shrestha

Nikesh Shrestha‎

Prabhat Chhetri

Prabhat Chhetri‎


Pradip Maharjan

Pradip Maharjan‎

Raaju Maharjan

Raaju Maharzan‎

SuDesign Grafix

SuDesign Grafix‎

Ujwol Chandra Buddhacharya

Ujwol Chandra Buddhacharya

See you all next week!