Most Inspiring Photographers in Nepal

Here in Stock Photography Nepal we believe, photography is such an art that helps you feel and connect. We have prepared a list of photographers who made us feel all sorts of emotions with their pictures and their untiring works. We present you the list of the Most Inspiring Photographers in Nepal. These are the photographers who have set the photography bar high, introduced different genres of photography and have defied all odds to pursue their love for photography and have been involved in philanthropic moments as well.

Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati

NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati is a photographer and curator based in Kathmandu and the co-founder of Her work seeks to embrace themes such as change, identity, gender, and history within the context of ‘the New Nepal’. She enjoys working across platforms to connect visuals, sound, research, education, activism; using storytelling as an underlying approach. With she is now creating a photography platform that facilitates learning, networking, publishing, and marketing opportunities for Nepali photographers. She is also the co-founder of the Nepal Picture Library; a digital photo archive that strives to document a ground-up history of the Nepali people. She is also the co-founder of Photo Kathmandu, Nepal’s first international photography festival.

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More from #beingnepali install at @g44photo

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Mohan Duwal

Web Designer, Developer, Photographer, Musician, Nature Loving Traveler, Biker, Adventurer, A Good Friend and much more.

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Om Yadav

Founder of Photo walks Nepal, one of the most talked about photo walk of Nepal. Curates amateur photographers, inspires and brings out quality work.

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#fun #ride #scooter #nepal #terai #chitwan Photo courtesy: @thenikkishresha

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Rashik Maharjan

He recently loves the saying, “I traveled as a software developer but returned back as a photographer.”
This quote matches well with the life of Rashik Maharjan. He used to be a senior software developer in a reputed company for 5 years but he left his job to pursue his passion for photography. He is the founder of Colors of Nepal, a voluntary group fully funded by photography to assist in improving the child education. He was the first one to fund a neglected governmental school in the outskirts of Nuwakot just by selling his photographs. He has always been passionate about the art of photography and it’s potential. So he has been actively working to promote photography with photo walks, free workshops, and giveaways. He is also the founder of Global Photo walk Nepal, which is a one-day event organized in five different districts of Nepal at the same day and same time, to promote photography and to work for a cause. He recently has been experimenting with documentary photography and travelling way a lot…

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Travelling is full of stories. Took this shot in Pokhara from Mike's Restaurant.. #pokhara #nepal #travelnepal #love #flower #nepalphotoproject

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Darshan Subba

Mostly popular as Mirak Photography, Darshan Subba is an Australia-based fine art photographer and ex-admin of the popular facebook photography group Nepalese In Photography (NIP). He actively advocates about the quality and creativity in photography and is also  Sony World Photography Nominee. In the time of the earthquake, he conducted intensive photography workshops in KTM donating all the proceeding to earthquake relief.

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#portrait #selfportrait #blackandwhite #scream

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Aneel Neupane

Annel Neupane gave up his career in Chartered Accountant (CA) and chose photography and filmmaking.  He was also the first one to experiment with miniature photography in Nepal. He is also the founding member of Jazz Production, a company which delivers Photography, Film, CGI animation and Branding and Design. He has a series of noteworthy short stories and music videos produced along with his solid Jazz team. He is the idol among a lot of photographers and filmmakers based in Kathmandu. 

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Deepesh Shrestha

He is the self-taught photographer who has dedicated his free time to teach and learn photography. He has dedicated a YouTube channel The Deepesh Show with one of the best Nepali tutorial series on photography. 

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This is what I have found at home...

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He likes being called Batman and likes to hide in the shadows keeping his identity a secret. But unlike Batman, he doesn’t fight crime or protects the Gotham city his weapon of choice is his camera. We don’t know his identity but he is a daily dose of crazy compositions and framings and always challenges our perceptions about photography. Despite his anonymous identity he has been briefly involved in philanthropic works of Spreading Smiles and Colors of Nepal. He also initiated a project called “Giving back the Shots”, a self-funded project to give back the photographs to the respective people. The Project was hugely commended and was followed by numerous people. 

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Infectious smile #giveback #khokana #nepalinstagrammer #photokhichuwa #insta #nepal #portrait #Christmas #gift #nipec

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Navesh Chitrakar

Requoting his quote “My camera made me the person I am today. I never get tired of taking pictures.”
A magnificent photojournalist his pictures capture the essence and emotions of the moment and leave you in awe. He works for international media Reuters and is considered as only the photographer who has reached to such height.

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Navesh Chitrakar

Navesh Chitrakar